Project Support

Our experience is based on over 25 years in the market research industry and we offer a range of related consultancy services .

Our expertise is ensuring rigour in all aspects of the process from the design, methodology and quality management to being able to pinpoint the real stories in the data, and the impact that these have in evidence based decision making.

We also offer a specific Data Strategy development service, about which you can find out more by clicking here.

We are available for short term and long term projects and can be as hands on as you require.

Project Management

Good research is built upon a solid scientific foundation, with robust methodologies and quality processes.  Like all operational models, the importance of excellent process design and the application of strong project management skills are paramount.

Effective project management is about the balance between the soft skills; which involve relationship management; collaboration; influencing others, and the hard skills; which involve the right software, and the right planning and management tools.

We offer extensive experience in designing and managing very large and complex projects and delivering these on time, every time and on budget.


Technical Consultancy

With our experience in the research business and a background of Pure Mathematics & Statistics, we understand research from the ground up.

We can help design and optimise your methodologies, identify quality improvements and efficiencies whether you are a research agency putting together a new project or proposal, or a client looking to build a specification for a new service.

Auditing Services

We have extensive experience in managing full service delivery on complex projects and have introduced ISO accreditations in different businesses and geographies.  We can also offer support in preparing for formal audit reviews and can also conduct full service audits according to any other specifications or criteria, such as GGTAM.



Interim Team Management

Experienced managers and leaders take time to identify, recruit and train, hence the existence of specialist recruitment businesses that exist purely to provide interim senior management solutions.  The advantage we can offer is specific experience in managing research teams, so that you don’t need to provide training in the essential principles first.  We have experience in leading commercial teams, technical & operational teams and virtual teams.

Pitch Support

Do you need help in understanding your market?  In dedicating time to write your documents, websites or proposals?  We can help and have experience of winning major projects that have transformed and secured the fortunes of previous employers.


Reporting & Presentations

Do you already have your data and need help finding the answers to your questions, or expressing them in an imaginative and clear way?  With many years of experience in communicating research findings to researchers and C-level executives, we would be delighted to help.

Conferences & Lecturing

Conferences and lecturing in universities, colleges and schools provide an excellent opportunity to train the next generation in the key principles of good research and also provide a great opportunity for enhancing our collective knowledge as we build and develop solutions and methods for the future.

We can help in chairing and presenting sessions.  Please get in touch as we love sharing our own and listening to different viewpoints.