Dear Diary

10th July

First riding with panniers and decided to make a trip and head up to see my cousin and her daughter in Portrane.

I’ve had a few longer rides in recent weeks, but this was a bit more challenging.  I felt very tired afterwards, but earned the pasta (& beer) once I arrived.

On the flat or downhill, it was perfectly fine, but hard work climbing the hill from Strawberry Beds up to Phoenix Park.


11th July

Tired body and legs this morning.  After some bacon with a lovely smoothy  it was time to head home.  Just a quick stop for a photo by the beach in Portrane on a lovely day for being outside.

A very stop-start journey through Dublin and I also learnt a valuable lesson ahead of next weekend.  Namely, done try to accelerate too quickly, as the extra wobble as you peddle hard from a standing start doesn’t go down well with the extra weight on the back of the bike.  At least I learnt the lesson without falling off! 

14th July

Haven’t cycled since Saturday morning.  I’m tapering off properly this week.

I was planning to ride this evening, but it was too wet, so will enjoy the rest instead.

Decided to start laying out what I can minimally pack.  Have a selection of snacks laid out.  Plan is to spread these over 3 days, in between good meals. 

18th July - Le Petit Départ

And we’re off.  The weather’s looking a bit miserable, the dog had to be hunted down from next door’s garden, and I burnt the porridge, so it’s a little bit later than planned.

The bike is twice as heavy as my trial run last weekend, but it’s still pared down to the absolute minimum.  I guess there are just certain essentials that are needed; torch, first aid kit; spares; multi-tools; etc.

The one element that’s certainly not packed is laptop.  I’m looking forward to my only tech companion being my phone for the next few days.

Final conversation before I leave is a phone call with my Mum.  She finishes with a traditional Irish blessing; “May the road rise to meet you“.  Only problem is that I’m not sure that’s the best blessing right now; is she wishing me to fall off or have lots of hills to climb???

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