Lockdown Losers

Click here to see the latest and historical results.  Probably best not to think too hard about how much money we’re spending and just think about where Nicky’s and Michael’s cards have gone


  • The host should appoint an additional manager for each game
  • Buy-ins @ €5 for 500 chips
  • Buy-backs limited to 2 per player (more or less only if agreed by all beforehand)
  • Buy-backs @ €5 for 500 chips – only if you get to story
  • Whoever is hosting sets the rate of blind increases (both timing & amount)
  • Winnings and losses are settled weekly after Sunday’s games  
  • If the game crashes for technical reasons, then the pot is split evenly among whoever is left in the game
  • If a player buys coins to be able to host they can be refunded from the pot if they wish
  • If we know someone is going to play, we don’t start until they join, or until 10 minutes after the agreed time